New features on the Bibliography section

We added a new feature to the Bibliography: “Altmetric donuts” close to each publication listed in the page.

What are the Article Level metrics (Altmetric) ?

Altmetric donut

Altmetrics give a measure of the digital impact and reach of an article by combining a selection of online indicators (both scholarly and non-scholarly) . They do this by tracking, collecting and measuring large amounts of data collected from all of the places where people talk about science online – for example, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, message boards and mainstream newspapers and magazines. Altmetric allows authors and publishers to see what people are saying about a scholarly paper and can tell them how much attention a paper is receiving relative to their peers.

The Altmetric donuts are a representation of the Altmetric information:

  • the number in the centre of the donut is the Altmetric score (e.g. the absolute number of citations in the media);
  • the colours surrounding the donut reflect the mix of sources mentioning that score – blue for Twitter, yellow for blogs, red for mainstream media sources and so on;
  • by clicking on the donut you access a page with the details of the Altmetric analysis

The score is automatically updated every week, so that the followers of the blog can access real time information about the attention that is developing around each of the listed papers.

We encourage you to submit your paper to the blog to increase the reach of your achievements!

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