Access to N.gaditana B-31 data through the NCBI

After manual review by the NCBI experts, the genomic data of Nannochloropsis gaditana B-31 are now indexed in the NCBI databases and are accessible through the NCBI web interface and through the NCBI search tools (e.g. blast).

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The genomes of the nucleus and of the organelles and the complete annotation of the genomic sequences are registered as bioproject PRJNA170989 ID: 170989, and can be accessed through the following links: ;

The sequencing data used to assembly of the genomes were also submitted to the NCBI SRA database and are available for consulting and download. You can find the data of: a fragment library of Nannochloropsis gaditana B-31 whole genomic DNA (i.e. includes DNA from the nucleus and from the organelles) sequenced using 454FLX Titanium XL  sequencing kit, 2 half plates (; a mate pair library of Nannochloropsis gaditana B-31 whole genomic DNA with an insert size of 1.5-3Kb sequenced using the SOLiD 3 Plus sequencing kit, half plate (; a mate pair library of Nannochloropsis gaditana B-31 whole genomic DNA with an insert size of 3-5Kb sequenced using the SOLiD 3 Plus sequencing kit, half plate ( Note that details about the biosamples and about the experiments are linked o the data.

The transcriptomic data obtained after cultivation of N. gaditana B-31 in nitrogen sufficient and nitrogen depleted media are collected in bioproject PRJNA174770 ID: 174770, and you can consult and download them at: Note that the bioproject contains also entries that report details about the biosamples used in the experiments and details about the experiments.

An umbrella project that contains the links to all the bioprojects related to N. gaditana B-31 and submitted to the NCBI to date, has the following accession numbers: PRJNA231651 ID: 231651 and url:

The publication that describes the genomic and transcriptomic data of N. gaditana B-31 reported above has PubMed ID: 23966634 and is available at the url:

Happy browsing at the NCBI 🙂

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2 Responses to “Access to N.gaditana B-31 data through the NCBI”

  1. Javier Gimpel says :

    Why do the SRX data cannot be blasted using SRA Blast?

    It says either:

    Invalid SRX accession(s): SRX203199


    Failed to convert SRX SRX203199 to SRA runs

    Thank you

    • Elisa Corteggiani Carpinelli says :

      Thank you very much Javier for reporting this issue. While the 454 reads that we released in the SRA repository (SRX390591) are long enough for BLAST, the SOLiD reads are not (SRX390681; SRX390674; SRX203194; SRX203193; SRX203198; SRX203197; SRX203196)). SOLiD reads are too short for BLAST alignment, I therefore recommend you to download the data from the SRA repository and align them using a suitable short reads aligner (such as PASS)

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